Monday, April 28, 2008

Has Evolution Been Proved?

One of the problems I have with the way evolution is taught is that the teachers and writers do not seem to be honest about the fact that it has never been proved.

You cannot logically prove something without looking at both sides of an issue. If you are after truth about the creation vs. evolution issue, you have to be willing to look at both possibilities without bias. But science is limited by the scientific method to only considering natural causes, not supernatural ones. That is how science operates.

This means that science is not equipped to examine supernatural causes. And since they cannot examine it, they cannot investigate and evaluate the possibility that God created life long enough to rule it out. Science rejects the idea of creation by God without examining it.

As I point out in my article Why Evolution Is a Faith ,it is not enough for science to try to prove that evolution is possible. To prove it actually happened, science has to show that supernatural invervention by God cannot explain the evidence. Science has never done that.


Unknown said...

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To answer your question (and bear in mind that I am a music major who happens to be a science nerd, specifically with Astronomy, on the side), science itself precludes utilizing non-natural explanations. That's not to say that such things can't be true, only that it offers us no means to test them.

But yes, we have evolved purely through natural causes. The diversity of life is explained elegantly by evolution, which addresses all of the facts on the subject while being contradicted by none. If god did have a hand in the process, it is an unnecessary variable to this particular equation, that leaves us needing some manner of evidence in order to include him.

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Scarlett said...

Thank you for your comments. I agree with your posts here and plan to read your online book. It takes MORE faith to believe in evolution than it does to believe in a Creator. said...


Thank you for clarifying this. One of the reasons I had asked in your blog if evolution is taught as "natural causes only" is because when I made the point in the Stephen Law blog that evolution is taught as truth, yet is unproved because creation by supernatural causes is never disproved, some in that blog argued that evolution does not teach natural causes only but leaves the cause undetermined. But as you point out, that is clearly not how evolution is taught.