Monday, October 26, 2009

New articles and book I have written

I have just completed and published two new articles and a new book. These are in the public domain and can be read online or downloaded free in .pdf format.

The True Gospel and the Ezekiel Warning is a full length book of seven chapters that shows how to prove that God inspired the Bible, what the true gospel really is, and what Bible prophecy predicts for the United States and the English-speaking nations of the world in the near future. It also discusses several matters of Bible doctrine in detail.

Here is a list of what is covered in each of seven chapters:

Chapter 1 - The United States and Britain in prophecy.
This chapter shows how to identify prophecies that pertain particularly to the English speaking people today. This chapter also gives proof that God exists and that He has inspired the Bible.

Chapter 2 - What is the True Gospel?
This chapter explains from the Bible what the true gospel is and how Bible teachings differ from mainstream, traditional Christian doctrines.

Chapter 3 - Is Observance of the Weekly Sabbath and Annual Feast Days Required?
What does the Bible really teach about the weekly Sabbath and annual holy days and feasts given in the Old Testament? Are these days only part of the Old Covenant and obsolete, or should they be kept today? This chapter explains the answer from the Bible.

Chapter 4 - The Name of God
Is God's name "Jehovah"? Is "God" a name or a title only? Is Jesus Christ God and has He existed forever, or was He created? Is God more than one person? Is it correct to use "Lord" as God's name? These are some of the questions that will be answered in this chapter from the Bible.

Chapter 5 - How to Know a Prophet
Seventh Day Adventists regard Helen White as a prophet. Mormons believe Joseph Smith was a prophet and that the Book of Mormon is inspired by God. Bible prophecy predicts both true and false prophets to appear between now and the return of Christ. It is important to know therefore how to tell if a man is a true prophet of God, or not. This short chapter covers the basics of the signs of a true prophet and what to look for in evaluating if a man or woman is a true prophet of God.

Chapter 6 - The Theory of Evolution and the Creation of Species.
This chapter shows that the physical evidence in fossils and genetics is entirely consistent with a literal understanding of Genesis. It also proves that evolution is a faith and that the scientific method itself prevents science from proving that evolution occurred. It also shows from the Bible how God views our materialistic society, a society that is dominated more and more atheistic evolution.

Chapter 7 - The Ezekiel Warning
The Ezekiel warning is a warning of punishment upon the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia, and other nations for our sins. This chapter shows where to find that warning in the Bible, what our sins are, and what the punishment will be like.

I have also published a new site on the Creation of Species. This article discusses the evolution vs. creation controversy and suggests a new way the Bible account in Genesis may be reconciled with the physical evidence of fossils and genetics.

The United States and the World in Bible Prophecy is a article dedicated entirely to showing what Bible prophecy predicts for the United States and the world in the years just ahead.