Thursday, August 18, 2011

COGWA Election Results

Seven men out of 14 nominated candidates have been selected for Ministerial Board of Directors of Church of God, a Worldwide Association by the balloting of the ministers (including unpaid local elders) of COGWA. Here are the men selected:

Jim Franks
Douglas Horchak
Clyde Kilough
Joel Meeker
Richard Pinelli
Richard Thompson
Leon Walker

The announcement dated August 17 was made in the COGWA website.

The next step includes selection by the board of a president. There will be other positions that will need to be filled in the administration, and members of a doctrine committee and an ethics committee will have to be selected.

The president cannot be a member of the board at the same time as he is president. But the board can choose one of their own members as president and that man then resigns from the board to accept the position of president.

My guess is that either Mr. Franks or Mr. Kilough will be named president, but this is just speculation.

Here is a link to the announcement:

Victor Kubik has announced that UCG has appointed three new regional pastors. They are Vern Hargrove, Ken Martin, and Steve Nutzman. Link:

More to come...


John D Carmack said...

author wrote: "My guess is that either Mr. Franks or Mr. Kilough will be named president, but this is just speculation"

My take on it is pretty much the opposite. I think that it is unlikely that any of them will be president after being elected to the board. That would prolong the process, and, while they intentionally aren't in a hurry, I think it isn't wise to prolong the entire process more than necessary.

That is why I was surprised that Franks and Kilough were both elected to begin with. I honestly would have thought that either would be the first president.

My opinion, of course. Their thinking might be completely different than either of ours, and we'll just have to wait and see.

MTCOGSM said...

Well author, from one brother to another--these choices are interesting--however not too surprising. I do not know if I agree with your assumption that one of these board members will be chosen for president--but that remains to be seen. I do find it ironic that this is a little closer to the COG government that HWA was ordained by--but I guess there are only a few similarities. Christ said that church was on the verge of being dead. it did not preach the Gospel and had lost much truth--and it seems this one has also and only says it is preaching the gospel--instead of doing it. unlike Sardis, however, those who say that government is not top down in this time frame have allowed themselves to become Spiritually blind to truth. I listened to a sermon by Bruce Gore at COGWA, who brought out how Israel chose blindness--it seems like some are doing the same today.
I am going to be bringing out something about government in the COG in a future webcast on "Visions of Tomorrow" at That is our audio page, if anyone is interested.
I know you have mentioned before about government being top down and it is Biblical--even though you and I both have been scorned and accused of idolatry for saying so. Take care, and keep up the good work,

The Editor