Wednesday, November 11, 2020

It Looks Like Joe Biden Will Become President

Election results as reported by most or all mainstream news media indicate Joe Biden has won the presidency (by a narrow margin). Although Donald Trump is challenging the reported results in the courts, it looks like he will lose the presidency to Joe Biden.  But this is not guaranteed.

This was a close election.  The Republicans actually made gains in the House of Representatives, though not enough to obtain a majority.  There is a good chance that Republicans will hold a majority in the Senate.  This is important because a Republican Senate can restrain attempts by the Democrats to pass radical-left legislation.

This affects the Church of God and the preaching of the gospel.  If liberal Democrats had free reign, they could shut down parts of our warning message and try to restrict our freedom to live as Christians.

Conservatives have a 6-to-3 majority on the Supreme Court, and this, plus conservative control of the Senate, can help to restrain the liberal agenda, for a time.

But one effect of the close election and President Trump's challenges is to increase the division in this country.  Justified or not, the credibility of Biden's victory has been permanently damaged.  During the next four years, while the Democrats control the white house, millions of conservatives will believe that the election was a fraud, that Joe Biden did not really win, and that he should not be regarded as a legitimate holder of the presidency.

On the other hand, if Trump's challenges turn out to be successful and he retains the presidency, the other side will be equally, or more, skeptical.

Either way, the division in this country, which is already extreme, will increase.  And a house divided cannot stand (Matthew 12:25, Luke 11:17).

God is allowing the United States to destroy itself from within.  Satan is the prime mover in stirring up a spirit of contention and division, and God is allowing him to do it because of our sins.

Moreover, as divisions in the country become more extreme, Europeans will become more skeptical about the reliability of the United States as an ally and our ability to protect them from Russia and other potential enemies.  This can motivate them to be more independent and to build an independent military.

One other thing.  If it is God's will that conservatives have enough power to keep freedom of religion and speech alive for a number of years, it may be to the advantage of conservatives to have liberal Democrats in charge when long-building problems come to a head and bring various disasters to this country.  If there is a severe economic crisis coming, it would be better for conservatives for it to happen on Joe Biden's watch than on Mr. Trump's watch.  Republicans may make a rebound in the mid-term congressional elections in two years and the presidency in four years.

Also, Mr. Trump may be able to run for president again in four years, if he can navigate potential personal legal battles till then.

God often gives us the leaders we deserve, even the lowest or basest of men (Daniel 4:17), to test us and teach us lessons in the long run.  This principle applies primarily to the world's leaders, but can sometimes apply in the Church of God.

The Church of God is still able to preach the gospel and the Ezekiel warning to Israel and the world, and we should take advantage of this opportunity while it lasts to go all out to support God's message.  The time may soon come when we will be restrained from doing so (Amos 8:11-12, John 9:4).

Let's get the warning out now while we can.

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