Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Update on Sheldon Monson, Church of God Assembly (COGA)

Mr. Sheldon Monson has chosen a name for his new group, Church of God Assembly.

I don't think he has a website yet.  Church of God News reports the name of the new group correctly as "Church of God Assembly", but does not necessarily give a correct link with that name to the real website, at this time.

I think the URL for the new website will be http://www.cogassembly.org but I can't confirm that as definite.  The domain was reserved by someone a few days before Mr. Monson announced the name of the new fellowship, but there is no website built yet, which is understandable.  The domain is parked with Go Daddy, an Internet web service provider.  My information comes from WHOIS, a service that lets you get information about Internet domains.  I expect some kind of website will be built and uploaded to that domain in a few days or a few weeks.  Right now, if you look, you only get links to various religious groups, which Go Daddy does till a real website is uploaded.

I will use COGA as an abbreviation for Church of God Assembly.

COGA no longer makes its live services and recordings of new live services available on the COG Broadcast Youtube channel.  You can still see their first three services on that channel, but no more new ones.  They have apparently made the decision to try to keep their services private among their own group, not publicly available.

Perhaps this indicates that Mr. Monson feels he has had a large enough response from his first three public videos and does not need more members who become interested through his public services.  He may be getting many people who register for his Feast site.    

Based on words and actions of Mr. Monson and his group in the first three or four weeks of his activity, which are a matter of public record, in my opinion he is not preaching the gospel and the Ezekiel warning to Israel and the world and does not have zeal to do so.  I think he sees his role as preparing the bride only, or mainly, and leaving the preaching of the gospel to other COG fellowships.  He is not against the preaching of the gospel and Ezekiel warning.  He has already verbally acknowledged its importance.  But I see no evidence that he intends to make any substantial and effective effort himself to do so.

I said before fruits will tell.  

I hope and pray Mr. Monson and his group do not siphon much tithe and offering funds from LCG and LCG's work of preaching the gospel and the Ezekiel warning.

I myself will not support Mr. Monson financially and will continue to tithe to LCG.  I want to support God's work of getting a warning out to our nations, as God commands, and I recommend that others who have zeal to warn Israel as God teaches in Ezekiel and elsewhere NOT pull any support from LCG (or any other group that preaches the warning), but continue to support that work with prayers, with tithes, with offerings, and with service.

God has been testing the Church of God for 34 years since Mr. Armstrong died, and He is still testing us.  Those who enjoy Mr. Monson's sermons and are sympathetic to him and are considering going with him are being tested like all of us.

Bible prophecy indicates a period of massive death and intense suffering for the millions who are punished in the great tribulation.

How much do you love your neighbor?  God wants to know.

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Margaret Walker said...

The "Ezekiel Warning" is not being given by ANY Churches of God today: Read Ezekiel's Chapters 3-5. None of them preach what Ezekiel warned, that they "refuse God's statutes and judgments". In chapter 3 three times God refers to them as a "rebellious house". Mr. Armstrong even called the statutes and judgments of God to Israel, the "temporary civil law of Ancient Israel" and said that we "can't do them because we're not a nation"; whereas, we ARE to be a HOLY NATION, of kings and priests. HOW can one be HOLY or a nation of Kings and priests if the king is to read from the Law daily, in his own handwriting, and the priests are not to fail to teach according to the Law, every jot and tittle that have not
failed? Which is the "least commandment" anyway? It is the one no one wants to DO, or teach. To me, there are MANY "least commandments" in the Church today that are refused. Christ taught this principal, didn't He, IN the Gospels? THAT is the Ezekiel Warning. It is sent to the very ones that are supposed to proclaim the warning! Truly, Christ is building HIS Church, not those that have a directive to take care of His Vineyard while He's away on a long journey as they spoil the Vineyard and teach falsehoods. NONE of them even know WHEN the solemn seventh year is, and because they don't none of them read the whole law AT the Feast in that solemn seventh year, the year GOD solemnized at Creation Week, Day 4, when the heavenly ordinances were appointed! They are tearing the Church into splinters, whereas those that hear the Voice of the Good Shepherd, are few, and they won't listen to those that don't speak according to His Word. The idols today are MORE than meets the eye, I'd say.