Saturday, August 29, 2020

Sheldon Monson of Living Church of God Is No Longer with LCG

Many or most of you probably have most of this information already.

The following is my understanding, which may be based in part on incomplete or unconfirmed reports.  Interested readers can do their own research and checking up.

On or around August 7, Mr. Gerald Weston, presiding evangelist of Living Church of God, announced that Mr. Sheldon Monson, a pastor with Living Church of God, and Mr. Jason Fritts were no longer ministers in Living Church of God.  I do not know, from what I have seen of Mr. Weston's announcement, if Mr. Monson was fired or resigned.  Other sources may have information on that.  This may be more clear over time.

The immediate cause of the separation seems to be wearing of face masks and singing in services.

On August 15, Mr. Monson conducted a Sabbath service which was broadcast live on Youtube and was made permanently available afterwards as a Youtube video.  He spoke on the subject of faith, and he made his email address available in the video for those who want a link to future live service broadcasts.

On or around August 19 Mr. Weston announced that Mr. Monson, by making the decision to "start his own work" (apparently by giving a Sabbath service live on Youtube), has caused division in some families and congregations, and consequently, members of LCG should avoid contact with him.

Since then, Mr. Monson has been giving live Sabbath services on Youtube each week.  He has given three services so far.  I believe all are available as recordings on Youtube.  In his second service, he gives some information about his separation from LCG.

In his third service, Mr. Monson talks about plans for a Feast of Tabernacles in Lake of the Ozarks.  According to his description, members will not be required to wear face masks in services and will be permitted to sing out loud.

Those who choose to access Mr. Monson's weekly Sabbath services can go to the Youtube site, and in the Youtube search box (not the Google search box) enter:

COG Broadcast

This will bring you to a listing of the recordings of his Sabbath services and a link to live services as the Sabbath approaches.  Live services start 2:00 pm, Eastern time on the Sabbath.

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