Friday, October 2, 2015

A Peaceful Atmosphere, and Scriptures to Read

Imagine you took a time machine to travel to the future, to around the middle of the millennium, maybe about 500 years from now. You could only stay there for about a couple of hours, and then you would have to return to the present day. You would still be physical, and you would not have much time, but you could walk around for a while.

Perhaps you would be in or near a small village or in the country someplace among farms, maybe walking down a country road.

What would you notice?

I think the first thing and the most impressive thing you would notice would be a deep sense of peace. Why?

There will be one dramatic difference between the world of the millennium and today's world you and I have experienced all our lives, and that difference would be apparent even if you did not have much time or opportunity to talk to anyone in the millennium.

Satan will not be around.

You and I have lived our whole lives in Satan's world. Satan is called the "prince of the power of the air (emphasis mine, Ephesians 2:2). It is in Satan's capacity as prince of the power of the air that he broadcasts evil thoughts and moods into our minds and the minds of all human beings on earth, thoughts and moods of discouragement, resentment, anger, fear, lust, greed, vanity, pride, and hatred.

Mr. Armstrong likened Satan's broadcasting to modern TV and radio broadcasting, but with this difference: while TV and radio stations broadcast in words and pictures, Satan broadcasts in thoughts, moods, and attitudes.

If you could visit the world in the millennium for just two hours, for the first time in your life you would know what it is like to be totally free of Satan's evil influence on your mind. I think that one change alone would create a sense peace and joy. You wouldn't want to come back.

That freedom from Satan's broadcasting of discouragement and every evil mood, attitude, and thought is what the whole human race will experience. Then, add to that the wise and loving rule of Christ and the saints to bring justice, to stop war, to heal every sickness, and to produce prosperity. No wonder the earth will be filled with joy.

I have compiled a list of Old Testament scriptures, in the Psalms and many prophecies, that seem to describe the happiness that will exist all over the earth after the return of Christ and the putting away of Satan. These passages paint a word picture of the state of the earth and the joy that will exist at that time, both during the millennium and afterwards in the white throne judgment.

Psalm 24.

Psalm 29.

Psalm 47.

Psalm 48.

Psalm 66.

Psalm 67.

Psalm 72.

Psalm 85.

Psalm 87.

Psalm 96.

Psalm 97.

Psalm 98.

Psalm 99.

Psalm 100.

Isaiah 2:1-5

Isaiah 4:3-6

Isaiah 11:1-16

Isaiah 12:1-6

Isaiah 14:1-8

Isaiah 19:19-25

Isaiah 25:6-9

Isaiah 29:17-24

Isaiah 30:19-26

Isaiah 32:1-4

Isaiah 33:17-24

Isaiah 35:1-10

Isaiah 40:1-5

Isaiah 42:1-13

Isaiah 43:1-7

Isaiah 44:1-5, 21-23

Isaiah 49:8-13

Isaiah 60:1-22

Isaiah 61:1-11

Isaiah 62:1-12

Isaiah 65:17-25

Isaiah 66:7-24

Jeremiah 31:1-14, 23-40

Jeremiah 33:4-16

Ezekiel 34:20-31

Ezekiel 36:22-38

Ezekiel 37:1-28

Daniel 2:26-45

Hosea 2:14-23

Hosea 14:1-9

Joel 2:18-32

Amos 9:11-16

Micah 4:1-8

Zephaniah 3:9-20

Zechariah 8:1-23

Zechariah 10:6-12

Zechariah 14:6-11, 16-21

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