Saturday, February 15, 2014

Peter Nathan Is Going with Living Church of God

During a Question and Answer session after Sabbath services, February 15, 2014, which I viewed online, Mr. Peter Nathan said that he expects to be joining Living Church of God as an employed minister as soon as arrangements are finalized. He will be supervising congregations in all Africa and probably teaching at Living University, LCG's college. He hopes to move to LCG and the Charlotte, N.C. area around the end of March and would like to be in Africa for Passover and the Days of Unleavened Bread. Charlotte is the headquarters location for LCG.

Mr. Nathan has been concerned about the Church he pastored in Kenya during his last several years in COGaic. This gives him the opportunity to serve ministers and members in Kenya more effectively (because LCG has certain government permissions in Kenya that COGaic has not had) and at the same time supervise more congregations in the rest of Africa.

Mr. Nathan said that he has always had a good relationship with Dr. Meredith during the times he has known and worked with him in Worldwide, and he pointed out that God seems to have blessed Living Church of God in doing God's work, even in proportion to size, more than COGaic.

The ministry of COGFC will work out who will take care of Mr. Nathan's responsibilities in COGFC.

I view this as a positive development and I think it will work out well for God's Church as a whole.

It was not stated, but I expect that the entire question and answer session will be posted on COGFC's "The Father's Call" website in the next day or two, in their "Messages" page where they have recorded sermons and Bible studies. The questions were submitted in advance via email. Mr. Nathan handled the entire session (about an hour, give or take), and most of it had to do with his joining LCG. Here is a link to the page where I expect the question and answer audio recording to appear:

Look to the bottom of the page for a question and answer session or message from Peter Nathan dated February 15, 2014. I may post a link here to the actual audio file when it becomes available.

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Anonymous said...

By way of correction: Peter Nathan at no time served as pastor to the Kenya congregations of Cogaic and the Church of God aic has achieved official recognition through its successful Registration with the Government of Kenya.