Friday, December 28, 2012

The Groundwork for the Great Tribulation Is Being Laid

Europe is moving year by year towards greater unity. Sometimes there are temporary setbacks and problems, but the overall direction of movement is towards unity, as it has been since the setting up of the Common Market after World War II.

There are two other trends, both involving the news and entertainment media, that are working to prepare the world stage for the tribulation.

Liberalism is weakening the United States. Much of this liberalism is encouraged by a biased news media and entertainment industry. Government spending is growing out of control and is sapping our economic strength. Immorality is encouraged by both media and government, and the family structure is weakening more and more. A time may come when we can no longer afford a strong military needed to protect ourselves.

At the same time, there is media bias in Europe. But the media bias in Europe is directed against the United States. The media in Europe is encouraging and teaching anti-Americanism that is helping to cause Europeans to despise the United States. This will make it easier, when the time comes, for the populations of Europe to accept Europe taking action against the United States.

Here is a link to a Youtube video, "Why Europe Hates America":

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