Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Poll Results

Here are the poll results for my two recent polls.

47 people responded to my poll question, "What stands out in your mind as the most important cause of the split between UCG and ministers leaving UCG?"

Changing or watering down doctrine and obedience to God's commandments - 8 (17 %)

Personal ego, vanity, and carnality of certain leaders and ministers - 31 (65 %)

A structure of governance that uses balloting to choose the leaders of the organization - 3 (6 %)

Other (comment) - 5 (10 %)

34 people responded to my poll question, "Has the UCG congregation in your area been severely split between UCG and COGWA, or has 90% of the congregation stayed together and either stayed with UCG or left to go with COGWA as a whole congregation?"

About 90% of our congregation has stayed together and stayed in UCG - 15 (44 %)

About 90% of our congregation has stayed together and gone with COGWA - 9 (26 %)

Our congregation has split with many staying in UCG and many going with COGWA - 10 (29 %)

There have been some reports of Holy Day attendance and offering stats for UCG and COGWA. Bob Thiel reports that UCG attendance for the first and last days of unleavened bread were 8,225 and 7,553 respectively, and the offerings were $544,408.14 and $547,662.84 respectively for UCG. COGWA has reported a first day offering of approximately $370,000.
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