Friday, December 24, 2010

Resignations, New Churches, and UCG Letter

Resignations from UCG continue. Among them are Roger West, Roy Demarest, Clyde Kilough, Doug Horchak, Andy Burnett, Neil Hart, Arnold Burns, Jim Franks, Bruce Gore, Larry Lambert, Cecil Maranville, Richard Thompson, David Register, Paul Luecke, David Charles McCarble, Frank Robert Pierce, Bob Mitchell, Steve Villaescusa, John Richard Seiver, Jim Servidio, Jim Springer and Phillip Sandilands, according to posts in the Shining Light blog. Here are links to those posts:

Church of God Perspective blog also reports some of these resignations, link:

These are major names and they show that the split in UCG is major and definite.

There are also new Churches of God forming.

The Church of God-West Palm Beach has started, and includes as officers or directors James Cannon, Dan Carriero, Robin Nicholls, David Jenkins, Debra Jenkins, and Michael Moore, according to Shining Light blog. Link:

Shining Light blog also has published information and letters about a split in the Orlando Church of God. Link:

Other new Churches of God forming by those leaving UCG include Church of God, a Worldwide Association, as reported by UCG Current Crisis blog, link:

It appears that UCG ministers are not leaving UCG in a united way as they left Worldwide in 1995. There will not be one organization, but many.

One thing I have not seen yet is any news of a pastor leaving UCG going directly into another large, existing organization, such as Living Church of God. But it may be easier for some pastors to function independently of a large group during a transitional period, and then join with a different group later.

UCG Current Crisis blog has reported that Joel Meeker has declined a seat on the Council of Elders, and gives a link to a letter from Mr. Meeker in .pdf format. Link to UCG Current Crisis post:
Link to letter from Joel Meeker:

In this letter, Mr. Meeker points out that he has signed a Council Code of Ethics agreement in 1998 in which he agrees to uphold decisions made by the majority of the Council if he is a member. He now cannot, in good conscience, be a member of the Council knowing he cannot uphold decisions he knows are wrong and contrary to God's law. If he becomes a member, he is stuck between two unacceptable things: support the Council majority decisions thus breaking God's law, or not support them thus violating his signed agreement.

I think this shows the unwisdom of signing agreements to support the decisions of men. At baptism, we vowed to obey God and the Bible. We should not sign agreements that can bring us into conflict with that vow. That is a trap.

If it has been a requirement for Council members to sign such an agreement, then every Council member has been compromised I think if they remain on a Council they cannot support.

UCG has published a letter to the ministry and membership of UCG from Mr. Melvin Rhodes and Mr. Dennis Luker. Here is a link to that letter:

In this letter, they say that they believe the current crisis in UCG is nearing its end. I do not know what they have in mind, but I do not think it is near its end.

They state their belief that God lead the formation of UCG as an organization in Indianapolis 15 years ago. I ask, based on what evidence?

Did God lead the ministry to form UCG as an organization lead by the balloting of the all the elders? I do not think so. That would be contrary to the examples of the Bible and contrary to the fruits of where that decision has led.

More to come...

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